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"I've read Violet the Photon about six times now and honestly its SO great! It taught me heaps and It really got my son asking questions. Great out come! Well done!"

Aroha Silenzio

"Thank you for the last minute order. Your first book has been a hit for us! Even my niece, who started high school this year, enjoyed it. I think she has borrowed the copy I got for her little brother haha"

Pekalani Fisher

"It's my daughter's birthday today and she loves her new books!... She really does love them, especially Violet the Photon (because it has rainbows in it!) and I'm amazed at how much she seems to be taking in and engaging with the concepts."

"My mum, as a high school physics teacher, is very impressed and said she wants the books for her students. :)"

Kate Miller

"While reading to them, It inspired lots of questions in my very curious 6 year old! So we did a few practical examples around the house of following wires to lights and switches etc to visualise Buzz doing his work 🤙 😎 which I'm sure is the desired effect! Getting those young mind cogs working and thinking 🥰 Nailed it!! 👍"

"A few months later now, and It's Still one of my kids' most requested story books on 'choose your storybook' nights! Buzz is a Winner! 😎👍❤️"

Alex Olah

"Omg this book (Buzz) is the cutest and so clever. I will enjoy reading this to my little one knowing the intent behind the book and the beautiful author who wrote it xox looking forward to the next one"

Maeva-Leigh Herman

"I've never seen the kids so involved during story time! Such an amazing story. Brilliant!"

"Thank you for writing Violet the Photon and answering one of the many questions we always get asked by the kids."

Engara Gosselin

"These books are super cute. Love them!"

"Keep it up! Kids need books like these to spark their curiosity."

Joan Marie (Space Engineer)

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